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Plainfield Dairy Queen Supports Our Healthcare Heroes in New Brunswick, NJ!

May 6-12 is National Nurses Week, an annual observance that honors the role that nurses play in healthcare. On Wednesday May 6th, we celebrated National Nurses Day at Children’s Specialized Hospital with our local Dairy Queen in Plainfield, NJ. The Plainfield Dairy Queen has always gone above and beyond for the kids at Children’s Specialized and now have gone above and beyond for our healthcare workers.

A huge THANK YOU, to Donna Albanese and her DQ Crew for working on the frontlines and making over 300 Blizzards for the staff members at our inpatient hospital in New Brunswick, NJ. Because of Donna and the Plainfield DQ, every staff member at Children’s Specialized Hospital on the day, evening and night shifts were able to enjoy sweet treats in recognition for all the miracles they perform each day.

Don’t forget, you can visit the Plainfield DQ and treat yourself to a sweet treat and bring a little taste of joy to your day!

We are so grateful for our partnership with Dairy Queen, Donna, her crew and the heroes that work at Children’s Specialized Hospital. THANK YOU for everything that you’re doing to support your local community since the world turned upside down.