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Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals proudly introduces its newest cohort of National Champions, a group of extraordinary ambassadors dedicated to raising awareness about the critical need for charitable donations to support pediatric healthcare. These inspirational children and their families hail from diverse backgrounds and represent various member hospitals across the U.S. Each Champion’s unique journey exemplifies the profound impact of donations on their lives, underscoring the urgent need to support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Meet Isaac:

At the young age of 14, Isaac showcased his resilience and athletic talents in several sports including dance, Olympic gymnastics, and competitive cheerleading. But in June of 2021, on a day that should have been like any other, practice turned into one of the most terrifying and unprecedented moments of his life. While performing a stunt, Isaac suffered a terrible fall, resulting in a severe injury to his spinal cord, leaving him unable to move from the neck down. After two lengthy emergency surgeries, doctors predicted Isaac’s odds of regaining full movement was 50%; however, he was still unable to move his arms or legs. Isaac transferred to Children’s Specialized Hospital, located in New Brunswick, NJ, and began therapies, including extensive physical rehabilitation to help him regain mobility. Energetic, kindhearted, and fearless, Isaac has the ability to encourage everyone around him through his sweet and vibrant nature, despite his challenges. 

Donations directly support the therapeutic programs, services, and technology Isaac uses at Children’s Specialized Hospital. 

Meet all the 2024 National Champions.