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Exceptional Work by Local Walmart’s and Sam’s Clubs!


Walmart and Sam’s Club associates, customers and members put their money where the miracles are with the amazing job they have been doing in the 2018 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals campaign. For more than 30 years, Walmart and Sam’s Club have been helping local children and their families live better by raising funds for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Since 1987, Walmart and Sam’s Club associates and customers have raised nearly $1 billion for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals! Walmart and Sam’s Club continue to help over 34,000 local New Jersey kids by providing funding so we can continue caring for these local children. We would like to thank all of Walmart and Sam’s Club associates, customers and members for working so hard to continue to raise funds and support Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Every dollar really does count! Thank you, Walmart and Sam’s Club, for always making miracles!

Our annual campaign continues until October 7th 2018, so make sure to stop by your local Walmart or Sam’s Club and donate today!