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Baby’s First Blizzard

Little Vinny had a rough start in life. Born addicted to drugs, he spent 33 days in an acute care hospital. During that stay, he unfortunately wasn’t receiving the proper care, treatment, and monitoring that was needed for him to recover, grow, and thrive. His new adoptive parents transferred him to PSE&G Children’s Specialized Hospital. According to his mother Grace, “In one week at Children’s Specialized Hospital, our child made strides he hadn’t made in one month.”


Thanks to a highly-trained team of experts in the Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) program, Vinny gained weight and was safely weaned off of opioids and medications. The NAS program includes a well-rounded holistic approach to transpose a baby’s condition. This condition is treatable through a sophisticated process that includes medication management, diet and nutritional monitoring, calming techniques, comprehensive clinical services, therapeutic assessments, and an overall nurturing environment.

Just shy of a year old, it’s safe to safe that little Vinny is getting stronger by the day. Surrounded by a large, loving family, he is sure to grow up a New York Rangers fan like his mom and dad, receive a great education, and achieve his parent’s wishes of being “healthy, happy, and successful.” On Miracle Treat Day 2017, Vinny reached another milestone when he got to try his very first Dairy Queen Blizzard Treat!