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Stress Tips During the Holiday Season

We are officially near the holiday season and everyone knows this time of year can become a little stressful. No matter your profession, between work, family parties, finding the perfect gift and finding some “You” time, it can get overwhelming.

We are here to share some great stress reliever tips to help you enjoy this season of giving and the most wonderful time of the year!

  • Smile and Laugh. When you’re stressed on the inside, it can show on the outside. Some laughs and smiles and relieve some of that feeling.
  • Positive Self-Talk. Sometimes the best compliments and motivation can come from yourself. Talk yourself out of that stress!
  • Talk to a Friend. A simple conversation with another person can turn your whole day around and vice versa. Your friend might be feeling the same way or might have been in a similar situation. You could also be helping them!
  • Just Breathe. Sometimes a little fresh air or some deep breaths are just what you need to calm your stress down.
  • Look at Fun Pictures. Like this cute one of our patient, Taryn! She can brighten anyone’s day with her million dollar smile!