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Meet the Intern: Izanna Levintova

Izanna Levintova, CMNH Intern, Spring 2017

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

College/University: Rutgers University

Major/Field of Study: Environmental and Business Economics

Career/Future Aspirations: to pursue a career in Manhattan, NY in the fields of Marketing & Public Relations

Favorite CMN Program: A Rutgers Panhellenic Greek Philanthropy Program called “Derby Days” which brought the Rutgers Greek Community together and raised over $300,000 in Fall of 2016

Izanna says, “Interning at Children’s Specialized Hospital was an amazing experience because it showed me how much our fundraising efforts really impact the children and their families. I was able to learn about all the CMN donors that each staff member is in charge of and how hard they work to keep the motivation levels consistently high. Children’s Specialized also taught me the importance of cause marketing, which will help me in my future career path. Overall, I am grateful for the positive experience that my internship at Children’s Specialized Hospital gave me.”