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HighlanderThon’s Mini-Thon FTK!

Last night, on November 1st at New Jersey Institute of Technology, our folks at HighlanderThon gave their campus a preview of what a Dance Marathon is really about! They invited their peers to their annual “Mini-Thon” to celebrate their 4th year of Dance Marathon and hype everyone up for HighlanderThon 2018!

Throughout the night, participants were asked to stand on their feet to represent the kids who can’t, giving them a feel for what their 12 hour event would look like! Aside from standing on their feet, there were games, contests, raffles prizes and karaoke!

Thank you HighlanderThon for your dedication towards helping our kiddos all year round! We are looking forward to April 7th 2018!

To learn more about HighlanderThon, visit