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Thank You Infineum!

Children’s Specialized Hospital is so grateful for local corporations who give back to our patients and families, especially during uncertain times like these. Infineum USA Headquarters are located in Linden, New Jersey. They are a Specialty Chemicals Company that provides research and products surrounding electrification of mobility, and creating a more sustainable lifestyle across the world. But that’s not all they do! Thanks to the partnership with our local Kiwanis club, Infineum is also an organization that gives back to their communities. To celebrate employee milestones, we had three amazing members of Infineum, donate their work-anniversary awards back to Children’s Specialized Hospital!

Special shout-out and Congratulations to the following donors who are helping to make a difference in the lives of our kids:

Victor Bartolozzi celebrates 30 years with Infineum and donated $3,500 to CSH

Ed Banasiak celebrates 30 years with Infineum and donated $3,500 to CSH

Jacob Gonzalez celebrates 5 years with Infineum and donated $500 to CSH 

Congratulations on your work milestones, and THANK YOU for your generosity! Because of people like you, we can continue providing the utmost care for over 35,000 children with specialized healthcare needs.