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RE/MAX LTD’s 10th Anniversary FTK!

RE/MAX LTD Celebrates 10th Anniversary FTK!

RE/MAX LTD is celebrating ten years of partnership with Children’s Specialized Hospital. Over the past decade, the wonderful team at RE/MAX LTD has raised over $200,000 for the patients at Children’s Specialized Hospital!

Golf Outing, 2019

Not only has the RE/MAX LTD team supported our kids through the Miracle Home Program and year round fundraising events, but Broker/Owners Karen Symington and Dana Mauro have each taken on leadership roles in our hospital system. Karen Symington is a former Foundation Board of Trustee, while Dana Mauro currently serves on the Children’s Specialized Hospital Board of Trustees.

Check presentation, 2014

Their unyielding support allows us to provide care for the over 37,000 children that we see every year affected by various injuries and conditions, including brain injury, spinal cord injury, premature birth and autism.

Christmas Magic, 2016

Funds raised through the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals program go to the greatest need of Children’s Specialized Hospital, such as charity care, equipment and expansion.

Day at the Races, 2017

Their fundraising has helped impact the lives of patients like Gianna, pictured below. When Gianna was only 12 months old, she was involved in a serious car accident that changed her life. Despite being securely seated in an infant seat, Gianna suffered a severe head injury which caused swelling and damage to her brain. Doctors told her parents she most likely wouldn’t survive and she was put into a medically induced coma which allowed her tiny little body to heal. Today, Gianna is still partially paralyzed on her right side but doesn’t let anything hold her back! Gianna is currently a proud horseback rider and RE/MAX LTD employee! Gianna is even pursuing her real estate license, thanks to the support and guidance of her LTD family.

Golf Outing, 2015

Thank you, RE/MAX LTD for all the love and support of our hospital – and for truly making kids’ live better lives.