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Who We Are & What We Do: Pediatric Long Term Care

The Pediatric Long Term Care Center at Children’s Specialized Hospital provides exceptional care for children with complex medical conditions. Our two Pediatric Long Term Care Centers in Northern and Central New Jersey are home to many medically fragile children whose families’ current circumstances no longer allow them to be cared for in the home or other community setting. Our commitment to Patient and Family Centered Care sets us apart from other Pediatric Long Term Care Centers by ensuring that your goals for your child are heard and incorporated into their medical and therapeutic care plan. Our team of medical, respiratory, and therapeutic health care professionals develop each child’s unique care plan by partnering with your family to best meet the medical and emotional needs of your child.

Our Pediatric Long Term Care services at Children’s Specialized Hospital Pediatric Long Term Care Centers in Mountainside and Toms River, New Jersey provides dignified and tender loving care for children and adolescents with long-term medical needs. Our warm and welcoming atmosphere combines specialized therapeutic medical and nursing care with a diverse array of activities designed to maintain each child’s abilities and encourage their maximum potential.

We provide care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at both Pediatric Long Term Care Centers for children with:

  • Critical airways (Tracheostomy)
  • Mechanical ventilator dependency (Mountainside Center only)
  • Complex seizure disorders
  • Neuromuscular diseases
  • Chromosomal disorders
  • Complications of prematurity
  • Neurological impairments
  • Craniofacial anomalies
  • Complications from microcephaly
  • Terminal illnesses
  • Degenerative disease processes
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Failure to thrive (Short Gut)
  • Orthopedic anomalies and conditions
  • Other long-term care needs