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Local Speedway Manager Wins Manager of the Quarter!


The Children’s Miracle Network team at Children’s Specialized Hospital would like to give a huge congratulations to Ezzat Mohamed, for winning Speedway’s Manager of the Quarter! Ezzat is the General Manager for the Speedway store in Clinton, New Jersey and is a huge supporter of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. He leads his team throughout every fundraising campaign with the mentality of telling each customer to donate, rather than asking. This method inspires his team be the leading fundraising Speedway in New Jersey! Whether it’s a fundraising campaign, or the ins and outs of operating a Speedway convenience store, Ezzat exemplifies what a leader should be, always assisting and supporting his staff with day to day responsibilities. He is one of our number one cheerleaders, and we are so lucky to have him on team NJ! Thank you Ezzat for going above and beyond for our kids, and the entire company of Speedway!

(Left to Right): Kayla Pagnani, Speedway District Manager, Steven Zheng, CMN         Hospitals CEO, John Lauck and Ezzat Mohamed at CSH Miracle Summit in March.