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Children's Specialized Hospital celebrates 125th Anniversary

For 125 years, the mission of Children’s Specialized Hospital hasn’t changed – to be the nation’s leading provider of specialized healthcare services for infants, children and young adults.  The world around us certainly has changed and so have the needs of our children.  Our care has evolved to meet the unique needs of the children and families we serve.


In celebration of the people behind this noble and worthy endeavor we say–Hats Off!

We say Hats Off to those first dedicated women of Westfield back in the late 1800s who saw a need to help the malnourished and sickly children from nearby cities.  We say Hats Off to the doctors, nurses and volunteers who rushed in to treat the hundreds of children afflicted during the polio epidemic.

We say Hats Off to the many loyal and generous donors and supporters who have helped our hospital grow to meet the demanding needs of children recovering from traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries.  We say Hats Off to the medical and senior leadership who have helped create an innovative network of services to help treat thousands of children on the autism spectrum and with complex medical needs.

We say Hats Off to every past or present patient, employee, volunteer, donor – anyone and everyone who played a role in helping Children’s Specialized Hospital partner with families to make our many innovative therapies more personalized and effective…so children can achieve more of their goals.  We especially say Hats Off to all of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals partners and programs who have been helping our kids since we joined the network in 1987.

To honor our 125 years of helping children and families, find out how you can give back and get involved today!